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Colleague Assistance Committee
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The Rhode Island Psychological Association 

Colleague Assistance Committee

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Megan Spencer, Ph.D., Chair


Leslie Feil, Ph.D.
Colleen Gregory, Ph.D.
Wendy Plante, Ph.D.
Lisa Rocchio, Ph.D.
Rhonda Sabo, Psy.D.
Beverly Serabian, Ph.D.
Joyce Stein, Ph.D.
Steven J. Hershey, PhD


The Colleague Assistance Committee (CAC) was established in March 2011 as a task force to identify the need for colleague assistance in RI. The committee was officially recognized by RIPA in January 2012.  Our mission is to destigmatize the use of colleague assistance programs via emphasis on education and prevention for RI psychologists. The CAC provides referrals for RIPA members seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one in the interest of self care and prevention of professional impairment. Likewise, the CAC recognizes the need for business support and consultation services and provides referrals for psychologists seeking to discuss business related practices. Education is also primary mission of the CAC and we offer continuing education workshops and resources to prevent professional impairment. 

Colleague Assistance Consultation:

Phone or email consultation is available for RIPA members who are seeking treatment, peer or business consultation resources. To request a consultation, please call: (401) 732-2400.

An online referral listing for RIPA members seeking treatment or business consultant is also coming soon!

Recent Activity

Professional Care Plan

The CAC has established a sample professional care plan that can be utilized to identify designees in the event of an emergency which prevents you from managing patient and business affairs.  The document outlines the logistical and business considerations which need to be discussed with designees.  RIPA members are eligible to file their professional care plan at no cost with the RIPA Colleague Assistance Committee.

The American Psychological Association also recently adopted a professional Will template which is based upon the work product of the San Diego Psychological Association. A copy of the original template can be accessed by visiting:

APA Practice Directorate members can also access a copy of the APA template at:

Joint Colleague Assistance and Ethics Committee CEU Workshop: 3/9/12

Psychologists in Transition: When Life Changes

The CAC is currently recruiting psychologists, psychiatrists, and social work level practitioners who have experience or comfort with treating fellow mental health professionals. If interested in being listed in our referral list, please contact CAC Chair, Megan Spencer, PhD at:

The CAC has compiled a list of active peer consultation groups in RI. If you are looking to join a peer consultation group, please contact Megan Spencer, Ph.D at:


American Psychological Association  (

Clay, R.A. (June, 2011). When a colleague is impaired: How can you help a fellow psychologist in distress?  APA Monitor, 42 (6), 46.

APA’s Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance:

Offers a comprehensive guild to the establishment of colleague assistance, as well as a comprehensive listing of resources for the prevention of professional impairment.  (

APA Practice Central Self-Care Resources:

Articles address a variety of factors contributing to professional impairment and prevention, including work-home life balance, pregnancy, occupational stress, and peer consultation groups.  (

Resources and guides for professional contingency planning in the event of disruption to practice:

The Therapist’s Professional Will: The Complete Guide, Dr. Ann Steiner

Pro-Professional Will Assistant 

For More Information

Contact Megan Spencer, Ph.D. at